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It's the year 2086...

Buck Schroeder is the captain of the Tug of War, a Tug Boat in the industrial Space Port orbiting high above the planet New Kansas, a colony lightyears away from Earth.

Already broke, with an aging ship in need of repair, hard drinking Buck is fired from his job after a mishap or two and sent to near by New Kansas on a mercy mission by his friend Danny, to sober up and find a home for a puppy dog Buster, that got stranded on a space ship.

Buck leaves the port to the surface of New Kansas with his Tug boat and the dog where he meets Kate Flynn, a local Rancher in desperate need of help with a broken down Combine harvester. 

Kate is as broke as he is and Buck reluctantly agrees to help but just when they begin to work on the stranded combine all hell breaks lose and they find themselves in the middle of a massive invasion.

Together they have to find a way to escape the invading forces and their merciless commander Admiral Bennett  but they have very different ideas what to do about it....  Sparks will fly.

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